Impacting Fiction with a Faith Purpose because reading should be an EXPERIENCE! 





Author, Entrepreneur, and Consultant; Kym D. Boyles

This has definitely been a journey for me as a writer. I started creative writing when I was really young. I always saw writing as the passion that God placed inside me.

 I did it often even if it was just to find peace and relaxation. Growing up, my family traveled a lot because my father was in the military so I was able to meet many different people from many ways of life. This was a blessing because it helped shape who I am today and I treasure those experiences.

Today, I am blessed with my husband Kim and our three daughters, Kymberlyn, Kimeri & Kymra.The flame of writing continues because this flame inside of me never goes out. Writing is just as necessary for me to do as air is necessary for my lungs.

 In my writings, I often say I'm a Christian fiction writer but I think that's limiting. When I write, I like to combine the passion for fiction writing with my beliefs as a born-again Christian to create stories that encompass real life experiences with all of its laughter, tears and fears to my characters. I find it important to write books that are fun, entertaining, yet honest about how life’s challenges and ordeals affect and shape people’s lives while not sugarcoating the faith.  I think ‘real world’ pain is missing in some Christian fiction. Jesus came for that ‘real world’ pain.

I love following my dream and I’m trusting God to take me where he wants me to be. I encourage others to never give up on their dreams and trust that if God placed it in your heart that he will somehow help you to put it into action (I’m still learning this). 

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